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The Top 7 Disloyal Zodiac Signs to Beware Of

What do you know about disloyal zodiac signs?

We’re all different, and that’s what makes us special. And while there isn’t a zodiac sign for every human on the planet, we can say that the stars sprinkled some magic on us and gave us additional qualities. Speaking of that, particular astrology signs are known for their faithfulness and reliability, while others are popular for deceiving people.

So, can we blame these characteristics on astrology? Probably yes. Unfortunately, there are signs in the zodiac where betrayal comes naturally. It’s not that they intend to harm you; rather, they tend to prioritize their own interests over those of others, regardless if it’s going to cause someone pain or not.

While we can’t generalize and say that everything applies to everyone, astrology experts researched the topic of disloyal zodiac signs, and the results might shock you. It hurts to be stabbed in the back by someone you trust or admire, but instead of trying to hide your emotions, it’s important to be honest with both them and yourself. Don’t forget that their astrology sign is only a small part of their personality, and you can’t blame it entirely.

But since we’re here to talk about what the stars say and how they can influence someone’s life for good or bad, let’s talk about these disloyal zodiac signs. Here they are:

disloyal zodiac sign
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7. Libra (September 23rd –October 22nd)

Ironically, although Libra is a sign of fairness and balance, it’s not always the case, and sometimes it can be perceived as one of the disloyal zodiac signs. As astrologers say, this sign will always see two sides to an argument. They might ask for other people’s opinions, but their own thoughts will always prevail, regardless of their relationship with others.

They’re not inherently dishonest, but they don’t always have the patience to tell you when something’s off. Instead, they’ll simply ignore you and go on with their regular activities. But once they’ve grown out of that, they have a very close relationship with the truth. Once they’re sincere with themselves and their convictions, they will also be sincere with others and can make great friends.

6. Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Even though Aries is a loyal sign, when it comes to prioritizing between themselves and their friends, they are more likely to prioritize personal gain over honoring commitments. This is exactly why some people refer to them as one of the most disloyal zodiac signs.

While there’s no doubt they’re wonderful companions, they’re used to being first in the zodiac, and they probably want to be first in everything else as well. Moreover, astrologers say people born under the rule of Mars are highly opportunistic. This means that they might undoubtedly seize the chance to advance in life when it presents itself.It doesn’t matter if they have to manipulate a few people to achieve their goals – their happiness is the most important thing!

disloyal zodiac sign
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5. Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

We continue with these disloyal zodiac signs, and this time we’ll talk about brave Leos. But before we begin, let’s clear something up: just like any other astrology sign, Leo is a wonderful friend and human being. But they know how to get things done and will always put their interests above anything else.

Does that make them bad? Not at all! All we want is to occasionally be as daring as Leo. But does it imply Leo will consider their friends’ opinions before his own when a chance for success presents itself? Well, no.

If you give them the slightest chance to advance, they will seize the chance and run with it. Since Leo is a fire sign, they’re very forceful and self-assured. They aren’t scared to walk on people in their pursuit of success because they understand what it takes to be at the top of the game. At the same time, they’re very smart and hard-working, and they love to be successful.

4. Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

When it suits them, Sagittarius can make wonderful friends. They enjoy the company of others who brighten or simplify their lives, and who doesn’t, to be honest? However, if they come across more fascinating people, they don’t have a problem with leaving you in their favor.

The reason Sagittarius is considered one of the less loyal zodiac signs is because they may betray their friends by breaking promises or being unfaithful. Even though it might seem like a flimsy justification for betraying someone, Sagittarius doesn’t really have time to think back on any regrets. They prefer to focus on the good things in their lives and not worry about what they lost or how things ended.

3. Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

The next disloyal zodiac sign is Scorpio, and according to astrologers, they have mystery and intrigue on their side. You practically never find out what they are truly capable of unless you’re in their inner circle.

In some extreme cases, when a Scorpio shows their true colors, even people who believe they know them well will be surprised. Even though people born under the rule of Pluto are known for their fidelity, they also don’t hesitate to betray you, especially if they’ve convinced themselves it would be wise to do so.

Moreover, they tend to be exceedingly cunning and secretive. If they feel like they can convince you of their innocence, just to swoop in and stab you in the back later, they’re more likely to do so.

…We have a couple of disloyal zodiac signs to talk about! Can you guess which ones they are?

disloyal zodiac sign
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2. Capricorn (December 22nd–January 19th)

Another earth sign, Capricorn, tends to be overly pragmatic. It’s not that people born under the rule of Saturn can’t be trusted; rather, keep in mind that they will always act in their own best interests. According to astrologers, Capricorns can put themselves above others, but they are trustworthy in terms of long-term relationships and friendships.

Moreover, don’t forget about your place in the hierarchy of friendships. This sign will give priority to current relationships over new ones. Fortunately, Capricorns tend to be open about their level of personal investment—or lack of it. Knowing whether to trust someone and when not to isn’t as difficult as you might think; they’ll show it.

1. Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Do you consider Gemini to be one of the most disloyal zodiac signs? Astrologers say they’re not the twins or the two-faced of the zodiac for nothing. While this can be upsetting for many people, Gemini has qualities that can make them stand out more in front of others.

For example, they’re known for being great actors and don’t shy away from putting up a front until they get their way. This is a general statement and it doesn’t mean that your Gemini friends will betray you at the first opportunity. However, it’s important to be mindful of people’s behavior and always protect yourself.

If you want to learn more about disloyal zodiac signs and astrology in general, I recommend you check out this incredible book! What do you think about today’s article? Do you agree with what astrologers say about these disloyal zodiac signs? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed this article and would like to check out something else from Inspiring Wishes, here’s a good post for you: 9 Dominant Partner Red Flags You Should NEVER Ignore

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