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9 Family Secrets Grandchildren Should Never Know

How many family secrets do you have?

Every family is unique; we all have secrets, whether we like it or not. I still remember that after my parents got separated, my grandparents took me aside and told me how bad my dad used to be. They said they’d never liked him and felt pressured by my mother to accept their marriage.

I was upset and felt like the sky was falling onto my shoulders. But they didn’t stop. They told me they were scared when my mother got pregnant because they were expecting my father to be careless. Long story short, they were happy I was their granddaughter, but they wished things would’ve been different. It’s been over 30 years since that discussion, and I still can’t forget it. I wish that family secret would’ve gone with them to the grave.

Now that I have young grandchildren of my own, I want to protect their peace and happiness at all costs. You probably want the same thing for the younger members of your family, which is why I want to talk to you about family secrets that should always remain a secret. Let’s not keep this intro any longer because we have multiple things to discuss! Without further ado, here are all the family secrets your grandchildren should never find out:

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1. How you truly feel about their parents

Families fight, and while it’s not pleasant, it’s normal. What’s important is how you let those feelings affect you. Grandparents have great power over the youngsters in the family. More than you can imagine. They probably see you as an important, loving, and caring figure in their lives, and saying mean things about their parents will break their hearts.

For instance, if you tell your grandchildren that you hate it when their parents do a particular thing or that you wish they were different, you risk ruining their happiness. Regardless of how bad a family situation might be, it’s your responsibility to maintain a positive attitude, show them love and support, and not talk badly about their parents.

2. Infidelity

Another family secret that your grandchildren should never discover is infidelity. If you know that one of their parents was unfaithful, you should keep quiet and let them deal with their problems. This is a strong boundary crossing that will be hard to heal, and besides that, your children or in-laws will be very disappointed.

Speaking of infidelity, if you or your significant other were unfaithful but you’re still together, it might be best not to tell your grandkids about it. This could undermine their trust and respect for your relationship and might cause problems in the long run. Of course, I don’t say that you should keep quiet forever, but you should probably find the right moment to tell them so you can protect their innocence and peace.

3. Criminal history

Some of these family secrets might be hard to digest by younger people, which is why you should find the right moment to share the truth (if you feel like doing so). For instance, if someone in your family has a criminal history, it’s probably best to stay away from it because it could be distressing and shocking for the youngsters.

At the end of the day, if someone did something wrong and they want to share it with others, let them come clean; don’t get involved by spilling others’ secrets.

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4. What you feel about their parents’ exes

It’s normal to have preferences, especially since you want your children to be happy and loved. However, if you talk to your grandchildren and tell them that a former lady was a better match for their father than the kids’ mom (or the other way around), it won’t be pleasant.

You’d better believe that the person you talked about behind their back will find out. Not to mention, your grandchildren will feel shocked, disappointed, lied to, and overall terrible. Sharing a family secret like this can put negative pressure on your family situation, and it could cause severe damage that’s hard to fix.

…Do you agree with this one? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

5. Family drama

Trust me, I understand how tempting it can be to talk about some members of your family with your grandchildren. While a little gossip can bring people together, it’s not healthy, and it can trigger problems.

There’s no need for the youngsters to know how annoyed you are at their aunts and uncles, for any reason. Knowing about the mistakes they made, how they disappointed you, and how badly they behaved won’t help them with anything. On the contrary, these revealed family secrets could make your grandchildren lose their respect for their relatives, which isn’t good.

6. What about adoption?

If your grandchildren are adopted, it’s not your job to tell them the truth. Maybe their parents want to keep this information secret, or maybe they want to share it when it’s the right time. Respect the family’s privacy and don’t say or show anything that could impact their lives negatively.

An important family secret like this, shared by someone who shouldn’t be saying anything, can make the youngsters feel betrayed and lied to. If that’s the case, let the parents do their job and show your love and support as a grandparent!

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7. Their parents didn’t want them

You might know about your children’s or in-laws’ pregnancies—whether they were eagerly planned or spontaneous surprises.

If a pregnancy in your family was unplanned, keep that detail private, especially from your grandchildren. No one wants to hear they were an accident after a night of fun. Sharing such sensitive information can cause anxiety and feelings of betrayal and unworthiness.

8. Illegitimate children

Continuing with family secrets that should never reach your grandchildren, let’s talk about the sensitive topic of illegitimate children. If your child or your in-law has an illegitimate kid, it’s not your business to tell your grandchildren.

There might be a reason why they keep that family secret, and your input could only make the situation worse. If you’re not ready for a huge drama, fighting, lying, and not getting anywhere, don’t get involved in someone else’s business, especially when the health and the happiness of your grandchildren are the most precious things.

9. Inheritance conflicts

We’re almost done with these family secrets that shouldn’t be revealed to your grandchildren, so read along with us until the end of this article. Speaking of drama, inheritance conflicts can be a touchy subject, and it’s often best to keep these matters private from the youngsters.

That’s because learning about serious family conflicts over inheritance can create feelings of greed, betrayal, and distrust. These disputes can reveal deep-seated resentments that might permanently damage relationships.

By keeping these issues to yourself, you protect your grandchildren from unnecessary emotional turmoil and help maintain strong, positive family bonds. They don’t need to know about how their favorite uncle doesn’t know what you do to get on the will, do they?

What do you think about these family secrets? Would you share something like this with your grandchildren? We’re curious to know what your thoughts are, so let’s chat in the comments!

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