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13 Signs Good Luck Is on the Way

Do you have a lucky object that you always keep by your side?

A common aspect of human psychology has always been the belief in good and bad omens. Isn’t it crazy how people can see signs in everything and be comforted by all kinds of objects?

If you never really believed in signs, let us show you which are the most powerful ones you shouldn’t ignore. Below, you can find 14 signs that show you good luck is on the way. Have any of these things recently happened to you? If the answer is ”yes”, get ready to become EXTREMELY fortunate!

Good Luck Signs
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13 Signs Good Luck Is on The Way

1. Bats entering your house

Have you ever wondered what it means if a bat enters your home? First of all, you shouldn’t panic! If you see a bat around your house, it’s considered a powerful sign that you and your family are going to become seriously wealthy soon. The Chinese believe that bats can sense the place that is going to be covered in luck. So, if you ever see a bat in your home, don’t forget to celebrate the moment! You’ll become rich faster than you can imagine!

2. Bird droppings land on your head

If they land on your head, bird droppings are considered a sign from heaven. Before getting angry that the droppings destroyed your makeup, your hair, or your hat, make sure that you know how lucky you are. While bats bring abundance, birds bring opportunities.

Birds are also considered guardians, so if you see a bird around your home, make sure to feed it because it’s a powerful protector.

3. Seeing a shooting star

Most people immediately make a wish after seeing a shooting star. It’s believed that whatever the wish, it will come true in a maximum of 30 days: If you have been suffering because you broke up with your boyfriend, you’ll get back together; if you feel overwhelmed, everything will get better soon; if you want to visit a new country in just a few weeks you’ll have everything booked and figured out.

Seeing a shooting star is a great opportunity to achieve your dreams. Close your eyes and choose wisely!

Good luck
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4. Meeting up with a snake

Have you ever thought that meeting a snake could be a fun experience? Yeah, me neither. However, snakes are considered a sign of fortune, which means that something important is coming into your life. Guess what? The more poisoned the snake, the better the fortune. So, don’t even try killing or hurting it!

5. Putting on your clothes the wrong way around

If, mistakenly, you wear your clothes the wrong way around it means you’ll get extremely lucky. This sign applies to those who were recently followed by bad luck. Basically, the clothes are telling them that bad luck will turn into good luck soon.

Remember: It doesn’t count if you do it on purpose!

6. Finding a four-leaf clover

Do you remember searching for a four-leaf clover as a child? Most of us used to play outside all day long during the holidays and one of our favorite activities in the summer was “searching for some luck”. It almost became a competition, the first to find a four-leaf clover was not just considered lucky but also the winner of the game.

Good luck
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7. Meeting up with a cow

The cow is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Even though it’s not something that usually happens in big cities, meeting a cow means good fortune. If you travel to the countryside and meet up with a cow, remember how lucky you are. Everything will work out as you wish.

8. When you receive a dog as a gift

Which girl wouldn’t love to receive a dog as a gift? A dog entering your home means you will have real friends who will help you pass all your life’s challenges successfully. Did you know that depending on their color, dogs can improve your life in different ways? For example, a white dog brings peace into your house; golden dogs will bring prosperity; and black dogs will bring protection and wealth.

9. Seeing a spider with your initials on its web

Isn’t it scary to think about a spider having your initials on its web? It’s a powerful sign of limitless luck. All your plans will become reality, no matter the obstacles you’ll need to face. Like a spider, you will attract everything that you need!

It happens more commonly than you can possibly imagine. So, maybe you’ll start searching for a spider with your initials right after you finish reading this article.

10. When you hang a flag

When you hang a flag, make sure you do it properly. In order to be considered a sign of luck and victory, the flag must flutter in the wind. If the flag is falling or coming down, it’s considered a bad sign. You may have to deal, in the near future, with some unexpected health issues, a car accident, or some serious problems.

11. Itching hands

If your hands are itching, you are going to receive or lose some money! There’s no in-between.

If your left hand is itching, it’s considered a sign of receiving, while if your right hand is itching, it’s believed to be a sign of bad luck since you are going to lose some money soon.

Bonus info: When your ears get itchy, say, “Right for spite, left for love”

It’s believed that when you have itchy ears, someone is trying to talk to you. If your left ear is itchy, it’s a good sign. It means that somebody is saying nice things about you. If the right ear is itchy, it is believed that someone is talking badly about you.

Some think if you mention aloud the name of the person you think is talking about you, and you guess right, the feeling will pass.

12. When the sun and rain appear at the same time

The rainbows usually appear when the sun meets the rain. When the sun is shining over a blue sky and there’s an unstoppable rain, it’s a sign of success. It means you’ll receive whatever you wish for, and everything will fall into place. If you get married on such a unique day, it’s a hint from the universe that you chose the right person and that you have a bright future ahead of you. Also, if your children are born on such a day, it suggests a bright future for them.

13. Receiving money on a special day

Receiving money on a day that is considered lucky is a sign that you shouldn’t ignore. It means you’ll be financially lucky, which may be a great hint to start a business! In order to find out which are your lucky days, you must check the Feng Shui Almanac. You must keep the money you receive in a safe place because, from now on, it will be a lucky symbol for your future. It’s considered that there are fifteen days of the year’s first moon, which are also called “days of miracles”.

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