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Handling Narcissistic Behavior in 16 Subtle Ways

Handling narcissistic behavior is a breeze with our tips!

Interacting with a narcissist can leave you confused, frustrated, and used.

Whether it’s a colleague, friend, family member, or neighbor, handling narcissistic behavior can be difficult and leave you feeling drained.

Research shows that the key traits of narcissism, self-centeredness and lack of empathy for others, can often restrict pleasant interactions with narcissists.

Communicating with someone with this type of disorder can sometimes be tricky, especially if they’re trying to start an argument with you.

Showing compassion is the best way to avoid an explosive conversation. But how, exactly, do you do that? Inspiring Wishes has got your back!

Check out 11 effective comebacks for handling narcissistic behavior so you can take control of conversations with toxic people and assert your boundaries.

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