7 Signs From the Universe That He’s NOT the One

he's not the one
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You don’t dream about your partner.

Naturally, you can’t control what you dream about (even if some people could solemnly swear they could), especially what would speak to your thought process and what’s on your mind, but also what’s not.

Your dreams during the night are a great indicator of your thoughts and emotions. And it could be as simple as a wonderful dream where you are with “The One,” but “The One in your dream looks nothing like your spouse in real life.

It could be a nightmare, and your partner wasn’t in the mood to give you the support you needed.

If you reflect on your dreams, then you might find that they show a lot of subtle indicators of whether you are truly with the right person.

You simply can’t overcome hardship together.

A real partnership implies relishing in the good and fighting together against the bad as a team.

However, if a difficult time arises and you and your spouse can’t make your way through it together, then it should be seen as a sign from the universe that something’s really off.

As it turns out, Venus and Saturn match-ups will offer us staying power. When these two planets are positively related in a couple’s chart, the motto “love conquers all” can easily apply.

In many cases, hard times are nothing but an opportunity to build upon the partnership you two have and strengthen the core values that could offer a lifetime of bliss.

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