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7 Signs From the Universe That He’s NOT the One

incompatibility signs he's not the one
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Your partner is insensitive.

As far as I can tell, a person’s Moon sign has a bigger impact on a harmonious relationship than a person’s Sun sign.

It is believed that the moon rules our hearts and emotions. As most relationships have a lot to do with our feelings, it’s very important for the moon signs to be in a proper aspect with one another.

Otherwise, it just feels as if their partner is completely insensitive. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the moon signs.

After all, many people who don’t believe in astrology feel their partners are still super insensitive. This kind of gut feeling should never be ignored.

Your relationship lacks harmony.

Even if a passionate relationship can be all fun and games, at the end of the day, you just want harmony.

You want things to be at peace between you two. You can’t constantly deal with the ups and downs and live in an environment where everything feels all over the place.

Naturally, some occasional drama that involves that great make-up s*x on the floor is awesome, but as you advance in your relationship, that thing really loses its appeal.

When the planets align in great harmony between your birth charts, the relationship feels like a match made in heaven.

However, when there appears to be conflict or stress between planetary aspects of the two charts, challenges are expected, and the couple should constantly work on their own characteristics to strengthen their relationship.

Also, if the karmic energy between the two of you is fulfilled, the best thing you can do is move on and seek a much more harmonious union.

Naturally, we’ve briefly mentioned some of the most important signs. If you’re eager to find out as many things as possible, we recommend you read “He’s Not The One: The Naked Truth About Dealing With Mr. Wrong” by V.M. Fowler.

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