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12 Best Beer Type Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What is the best beer type based on your zodiac sign? Will it be the bold stout or the basic lager? 

Beer’s history dates back to the creation of a barley-based brew in modern-day Iran in the fifth millennium BC. Since then, the beverage has undergone several changes. India Pale Ale, a type that originated in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most refreshing alternatives available today.

Another is the powerful Stout, which is crafted after the potent Porter malts of 18th-century London. Each has unique variants and diverse flavor notes, including citrus, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, apple cider, berries, and more.

From fruity lambic to coffee-laced stouts, there are a ton of flavors for every boozy enthusiast. Since we’re close to the winter holidays and most probably you’re going to some parties, here’s a list of the best beer types based on your zodiac sign:

Best Beer Type, zodiac sign
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Pisces – Glitter beer

Don’t worry, fellow Pisces, glitter beer is edible (made of sugar) and is not dangerous to your health! Now that we’ve established this, there is no need to worry about this particular beer. Let’s find out why this is the best beer type based on your zodiac sign.

It is said that because Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac, it carries with it all the knowledge of the signs that came before it. Correct me if I am wrong! These signs are extremely intuitive, sympathetic, and compassionate as a result. The Pisces, symbolized by two fish, has a peculiar relationship with reality and dreams and is continuously torn between the two.

Those born under this sign are incredibly inventive people—I really couldn’t think of anybody more! Their artistic endeavors serve as their sole means of self-expression and are what ground them. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Pisces would prefer glitter beer to other types of alcohol.

Glamorous, fancy, and sweeter than a regular IPA or ALE, glitter beer is exactly what a romantic would need! The majority of glitter beers are usually fresher than others because of their juicy hints.

Aquarius – Gose

What is the best beer type based on your zodiac sign if you’re an Aquarius? Let’s see! An oddball by nature, Aquarius is the most eccentric sign in the zodiac. This sign’s inhabitants are renowned for being quirky, perceptive, and rebellious. Their perfect beer would have to match their individuality.

Basic and uninteresting beer? Since Aquarius is constantly seeking the unexpected there should be a beer suitable for their taste. Gose is a wheat ale produced experimentally with a small amount of sugar and salt. Depending on which breweries you are going to, goses are usually made with citrus flavors and many fruits. But not many, mostly because this beer style has to be more watery than lambic or sour.

Capricorn – Double IPA

The best beer type for Capricorn is the bold and a bit bitter double IPA. Capricorns are tenacious, unwavering, and brash. Nothing can get in the way of their objectives. Like its symbol, the sea goat, Capricorns will travel through any mountain to achieve their goals, and even amid difficulty, they never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Furthermore, if you’re born under this zodiac sign, then you probably hear a lot of the word workaholic, and let’s be honest, it suits you very well! And after a full day of working on your ambitions grab a bottle of double IPA and lay back to enjoy your achievements.

Sagittarius – Mexican lager

Una cerveza por favor? I honestly couldn’t think of a more bold, strong, and sexy zodiac sign than Sagittarius. People born under this sign have audacious personalities to go along with their curiosity and drive. However, they also have a high degree of adaptability, so they welcome the difficulties and changes that come with pursuing their goals.

But what would be the best beer type for them? The Mexican lager, for sure! Why? If you’re born under this sign, then you’re already planning your next vacation and eager to step into a new adventure.

All it takes is one sip of this maize-based beverage, brewed with fresh lime wedges and poured into your Micheladas or chavelas (Mexican beer cocktails), to teleport you and your buddies back to a place where sombreros are the main trend!

Scorpio – Stout

Scorpios are known for being secretive, dark, and inquisitive. If you can break past their barriers, you’ll discover that Scorpios are intensely passionate, devoted, and emotional individuals. But don’t expect to see any indication of that kind of vulnerability until they start to feel comfortable enough to trust you.

They resemble a stout in many aspects: dark, rich, potent, and, if you’re not ready, unexpectedly potent. And not a random stout; only ones with a subtle taste of chocolate stouts are the best beer type for a Scorpio!

Libra – Pale Ale

It is believed that Libras are the aesthetes of the zodiac, and their excellent taste bears this out. While symmetry is something these signs aim for in all facets of their lives, it is most evident in those areas where they influence it.

Then what could be their favorite type of beer? The pale ale, of course! Balanced, rather sweet than bitter, characterized by a biscuit flavor IPAs are the perfect choice for a Libra, no matter the season.

Best Beer Type, zodiac sign
Photo by PavelKant from Shutterstock

Virgo – Wheat Beer

Virgos have an affinity for classics and tend to remain with their favorites once they’ve discovered them. Additionally, because they are perfectionists, they like flavor profiles that are straightforward and independent. The modest yet enduringly popular wheat beer is hence the ideal pairing for them. The perfect beer for Virgos is wheat. This Earth sign, which is regulated by the digestive system, is particularly aware of the components that go into a final meal or beverage. This is similar to how they value modest actions that add up to bigger results.

Wheat beers are exactly that—beers made with a lot of wheat added to give them a wonderful body and taste. And wait for it! In case you’ve never tasted a wheat beer before, you don’t know what you’re missing! Subtle flavors of clove, bubblegum, and banana are just three of the ingredients brewers love to add to their wheat beers.

Does this article make you a tad thirsty for more? And you might want to try brewing your beer at home. That’s awesome! If this idea crossed your mind, I have the perfect book recommendation for you: Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew can be found on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions at very good prices under 20 bucks.

Leo – Belgian Dubbel

Leos are the finest at having a good time, so they go well with Belgian Dubbels, which have just the perfect amount of richness and drama. The aromas of caramel and chocolate make this kind of beer really stand out in a crowd. It has a mild level of bitterness and is made using fruit-derived yeast, particularly bananas, a beer-like fit for a Leo who enjoys being the center of attention.

Cancer – Pastry Stout

Because of their intense emotional and intuitive nature, cancers may even be to blame. Because of their heightened sensitivity to their surroundings, individuals frequently take on other people’s emotions due to their empathy. Because of this, Cancers keep a safe distance from other people to preserve their tranquility. Despite what you may consider them as being heartless, they would rather be safe than sorry due to prior experiences. Thus, don’t be offended!

Pastry stout is the ideal beverage for this sign, as they enjoy spending much of their time alone. Pastry stouts are a real treat for connoisseurs, with components like chocolate cake, pie, candies, or fruit purées. Mmm…!

Gemini – Sour Ale

Of all the zodiac signs, Geminis are probably among the most sociable ones, with a cute curiosity for all the things life may throw at them. These characteristics usually show themselves as a diverse variety of interests and busy social schedules, along with the unjustified charge of being dishonest. The playful, innocent appeal of this sign may err on the side of immaturity.

Thus, it stands to reason that they are drinking sour ales. These beers have a sour flavor from the brewing process that some enjoy and some don’t. To counterbalance it, they’re also frequently combined with fruit tastes.

Similar to Geminis, sour ales are not for everyone, but a hint of fruitiness goes a long way, and you might be curious to taste it at least once in your life! Who knows? Maybe you will end up loving sour ales.

Taurus – Brown Ale

Taurus is perhaps the most relaxed sign in the zodiac, preferring to cherish the small things in life. Nothing makes them happier than unwinding with a treat after a demanding workday. For this grounded zodiac sign, a brown ale with its nutty, caramel-like aftertaste is the ideal indulgent drink. Because Tauruses have a voracious sweet taste, brown ales’ smooth, sweet finish is perfect for them!

Aries – American Lager

The fiery and courageous sign of Aries, the leader of the zodiac, deserves a beer that will go well with their strong sense of style. And what other beer than the classic American lager should be their match?
Of course, compared to other beer styles on the list, this isn’t exactly sophisticated, but it’s so light and easy to drink that everybody loves it. Easy to find anywhere, American lagers are the perfect choice, even on the go.

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