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The 8 Moon Phases and How They Affect Us!

Have you seen how, depending on the moon phase, you are feeling differently?

We have all heard those old sayings about how you cannot sleep during a full moon, but is there any truth to the moon phases and the effect they have on our bodies? The literature and science done on it say that there is! And quite a lot when it comes down to the nitty-gritty!

The moon is known to have a huge gravitational pull, and without it, the tides and waves would have gone astray and done a great deal of harm to us all.

This gravitational pull is thought to be the thing that makes the phases of the moon lay down on us so heavily. While it does not seem like they would, just like how during the full and new moons the tides are at their lowest and highest, respectively, so is the pull on us from the moon.

Since the human body is almost 70% water, it makes sense that the gravitational pull of the moon impacts us just as much.

Throughout time, the moon has been linked to our emotions, our love lives, sleep patterns, and even menstruation. The moon is an important symbol in most civilizations and cultures, and there are a lot of influences that are cast on us from the aster.

Be it that you truly believe in the power of the moon, you cannot deny that at certain times of the month, you feel differently, and this may just be the moon’s hand in your life! If you are ready to discover the moon phases and their impact on humans, make sure to keep reading.

How have you experienced the impact of the moon phases before? Were they anything like the ones we describe here? Let us know all about your story in the comments down below!

moon phases
Image By Delpixel From Shutterstock

The new moon

The new moon is almost impossible to see sometimes. However, what we perceive as a dark moon or even no moon is actually just the fact that the aster is in direct alignment between the sun and the earth, which makes it impossible to see the illuminated side of the moon.

This moon phase is sometimes not added to the sequence pictures, mostly due to the fact that it is hard to see the moon in this state.

During this moon phase, due to the low light, it translates to low energy for people as well. You may be feeling more introspective and more prone to tiredness and being introverted. You may find yourself striving to relax in the comfort of your own home, and you should listen to your instincts.

This is the best time to take time to reflect on your feelings and spend some time by yourself!

Waxing crescent

The waxing crescent part of this claim is directed at the idea that the moon is illuminated from its previous position and the part you can see is growing; this way you can see the sliver of the moon with its signature crescent shape that also gives it its name.

This moon phase signifies new energy and light, so after the low-key hermit period brought about by the new moon, this moon phase is all about getting your energy back and starting to work towards going up.

Since your energy is now returning after the downfall of the new moon, you should make sure that you are intentional with your time and that you visualize what you want to achieve this month. Take some time with yourself and write down what you want to achieve this month, manifest and visualize your success, and you will be ready for the next stage of the moon phases!

First quarter

The first quarter, despite its name, is when you can see half of the illuminated moon, the rest of it still being covered by the shadow. However, the illuminated part is growing, and due to the moon being at a 90-degree angle compared to the Sun and Earth, we get to see the right side of the moon!

Remember those manifestations we were just talking about in the waxing crescent?

Now is the time to prepare for both the light and shadows that you will encounter on this path. Together, these two halves of the growing moon will reflect the balance of life: there are good and bad times, and you should prepare yourself for both situations.

This moon phase means that you should be ready to accept reality as it is, be it negative or positive.

The universe will send you both yeses and noes, and you should not let any discourage you or take them for granted. You should embrace the good times and learn from the bad ones so that you can keep on growing and bettering yourself. You never know what the asters have in store for you later.

Waxing gibbous

Keeping up with the theme of waxing (which means growth when we are talking about moon phases), the waxing gibbous represents the last stop before we get ready to meet the full moon. It is when the illuminated part of the moon is bigger but not yet fully rid of shadows.

This moon phase’s meaning is one of adjustment, redirection, and flexibility. During this period, you may find yourself being tested, be it in terms of patience or when your plans suddenly change. You should approach this period with an open mind and flexibility.

The best way to go about waxing gibbous is to keep yourself open to change and listen to your intuition. You will know what to do, but for that, you need to not let yourself be influenced by impulsiveness and to trust that you know what to do!

moon phases
Image BY Zacarias da Mata From Shutterstock

Full Moon

We arrived at the moon phase that most people are aware of—the full moon! This is when the sun, earth, and moon are in alignment, and you can see the moon in its full glory.

This moon phase is when the moon is placed on the other side of Earth when compared to the New Moon, and now you can see the part that is fully illuminated by the Sun.

This phase of the moon will come around with heightened emotions and energies; you may even end up feeling a lot of tension during this time. A lot of energy is going to be pulling on you, and you need to be prepared for the onslaught of emotions and tension and find a way to channel it into other things.

This time of the month is great for putting all of your attention into activities and projects, especially if you find yourself restless. There is no reason to let this energy go to waste, and you should also not let yourself be disheartened by powerful emotions.

If you have been thinking about picking up an artistic or creative hobby, now would be the best time of the month to start it.

Waning gibbous

Going back now that we have already reached the full moon in the previous phase, we now observe the decrease of the moon, with the shadows coming back to the forefront. The ‘waning’ part is just that, and now we are in the first moon phase, which signifies it being taken over by the shadow.

The light of the moon is slowly leaving, which means that we are slowly reducing the amount of energy that is being received, and during this period, you can expect to feel more gratitude and satisfaction.

This is the best time of the month to end up focusing on what you are thankful for and taking the time to reconnect with those close to you and with whom you may have lost connection due to the high energy of the full moon!

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moon phases
Image By Sharon Ball From Shutterstock

Third quarter

The third quarter sees the return of the moon at that 90-degree angle we talked about earlier, but now we can see the left side of the moon being illuminated.

The light is slowly leaving us, and slowly we see how we also have to let go of certain things and emotions, and you may also feel a need to cleanse!

Take this time to reflect and let go of any emotions that no longer serve any purpose for you, along with other things such as resentments and even regrets that may be weighing you down.

Likewise, this is also one of the times when you should do a deep clean and donate or get rid of any material items you may not need.

Waning crescent

The last moon phase on our list is the waning crescent when you can only see a sliver of the moon.

Due to how much the shade has grown and taken over, only a part of the illuminated part is visible. This is the last phase before we go back to the new moon, and the shadow is extremely important at this stage.

This moon phase shows that you are ready to rest and recoup after all the excitement that the light on the moon brings.

The shadow signals the time for reflection and calm, making the way to the introversion of the new moon. It is the best time to give in to the relaxation and calm that come with taking a break!

And why not do it? You earned it!

The moon has indeed had a true impact on us, but other astronomical factors will also have a say in how your hand is dealt! If you are curious about how the asters say the next year will be for you, make sure that you check out your horoscope for the next year!

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