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Self-Therapy: Is It for You?…and 7 Ways to Benefit!

Could self-therapy be the new norm?

Let’s be honest: Therapy can be expensive in this inflation era. And one can’t ALWAYS get time with their therapists when they need it most. That’s where self-therapy comes in.

You can apply this form of therapy with the help of different techniques. And in reality, self-directed mental health interventions are more standard than you may think.

Many people use various forms of self-help strategies to improve their mental health.

It can help deal with depression, anxiety, boosting one’s confidence, communication issues, self-esteem, loneliness, relationship problems, passive-aggressive behavior, procrastination, people-pleasing, eating disorders, and many other issues.

Self-therapy could be an affordable and effective way to develop tools for healing. And while it may not be a replacement for formal psychotherapy, is it right for YOU?

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