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10 Things BAD Mothers-in-Law Have in Common

It’s an old story, and it happens at least once in every marriage: disliking one’s mother-in-law. Regardless of whether a person has the ideal husband or wife, dealing with a mother-in-law can be irritating and even downright unpleasant, depending on the circumstances. 

There are many reasons women dislike their mothers-in-law, but the ones that stand out the most involve messing with their marital or parenting skills. Also, receiving unsolicited advice from a mother-in-law in either of these situations is a big no-no.

The reasons why women despise their mothers-in-law can range from completely understandable to maybe somewhat insane. Still, as most women will confirm, mothers-in-law always bring out the madness in the women their sons marry. But, simply because it happens sometimes, that doesn’t make it any easier to live with.

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