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7 Signs You Need to Consider Therapy

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#3 You feel the need to always be productive, and you struggle under expectations

Even if you believe you are one of the most high-functioning achievers who follow their schedule to the letter, you will still require therapy. This is because people who are driven to always be doing something and meet some sort of self-imposed high standard have linked their worth to it.

More often than not, they fall on the other end of the scale, and when they have the time to relax and unwind, they feel like they’re wasting time. It also happens that these people also feel lonely as they think they have to upkeep the perfect image they have crafted for themselves.

You may believe that this cannot happen to you, but it does not discriminate based on age or gender. If you’ve been thinking that you always have to be doing something or even that naps are a waste of time, you should probably check in with someone.

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