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7 Signs You Need to Consider Therapy

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#5 You noticed a change in your mood, generally for the worst

It can happen that we start to lose our patience. But when this happens frequently and is also unexplained over what most call “little things” and is accompanied by other mood swings, these types of radical changes in your mood and how you feel, especially going from zero to enraged immediately, are not normal.

Sure, some people are not really patient, to begin with, but even they will be able to tell you that sudden mood changes are not something that should happen often. If left unchecked, these can start affecting your life in a lot of ways, from affecting your sleep to even ruining your relationships with friends and family.

This is why you should definitely go have a chat with a therapist so you can identify the problems and understand how to prevent these types of mood swings!

It also helps if you try to be more present at the moment! A great way to start being more present is to try holding a 5-minute journal; look into getting one here!

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