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7 Signs You Need to Consider Therapy

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#7 You think you could use someone unbiased to talk to

Let’s be honest, sometimes it isn’t because you have some other mental health issues like battling anxiety or depression, or that you’re too stressed, or that you have to work through some other tragic problems. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen to you, someone to whom you can tell your problems, and you will know they won’t judge you.

It does wonders to have someone with whom to share your worries and know they will not make light of them or judge you for them. We all need someone to talk to, but when the issues are a bit more personal, or we are scared of what others may think, we hold those worries to ourselves. No, writing them down in your journal is not enough sometimes.

If this sounds like something that has been happening to you lately, you should definitely be looking into booking a therapy session. You’d be surprised just how well you feel after!

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