Energy Vampires: 6 People That Are Draining the Life Out of You

Image By Cookie Studio From Shutterstock

#6 The Innocent Vampire

Energy Vampires aren’t always evil. Sometimes, they may be defenseless individuals who legitimately need your assistance, such as kids or close friends who have grown too dependent on you. This is the case of Innocent Vampires. 

Even though it’s fantastic to support the people you care about, it’s crucial to support their independence as well. Your energy will eventually be drained if you continue to serve as the constant “rock” or support. You won’t have much energy left to sustain yourself as a result.

You should always strive to love yourself before you can show compassion and love for those in need. Gently point out to the Innocent Vampire in your life that you also need time to yourself. So that you won’t have to play the role of a constant caregiver or provider, help them grow in strength, fortitude, and resilience.



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