6 Clingy Zodiac Signs That Never Heard of “Personal Space”

Image By Allexxandar From Shutterstock

#6 Leo

Leos pride themselves on being independent, but they are totally reliant on praise and admiration. They must be the ones everybody looks up to, the leader, and the shining example. They will choose another relationship if their current one doesn’t meet their needs.

The ruler of the zodiac is the sign of Leo. They can easily complete tasks on their own, but only in the presence of admirers and complimenters. Leader-like Leo enjoys directing others.

Leos are known for being extremely proud, so they might be clinging on to maintain their ego. They all enjoy holding hands, cuddling, and other romantic and intimate activities. If they want to cuddle with their spouse, they can do it anywhere and never pass up the opportunity.

Leos love to feel powerful, so they demand their partners give them their entire attention at all times and treat them like royalty.

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