What’s All the Fuss About Planets in Retrograde? Find out Here!

planets in retrograde
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What is a retrograde?

As you probably know, all the planets in our solar system orbit around the sun, moving, more or less, in the exact same direction.

However, they orbit at different speeds and distances from the sun, in something called “ellipses”. If you manage to observe them from Earth, you will notice that one or more of the planets seem to be moving in the opposite direction of the others.

This is what we call a retrograde. It’s a visual illusion. The retrograde planets are still traveling in the same direction as they always have, even if they seem to have a different transit through the sky.

When this kind of backward planetary movement ends, we say that the planet is in direct transit. When a retrograde ends, the planet goes direct again.

So how do planets in retrograde affect us?

We attributed a planet to each type of energy in our lives, and whilst I’m a strong believer in astrology, I still find that funny.

When a certain planet goes retrograde, the areas of your life represented by the planet feel a little backward.

But you shouldn’t worry, as planetary backward motion is nothing but an illusion, which also means that the backward motion in certain areas of your life is also, on some level, nothing but an illusion.

So when it feels as if you’re moving backward, what actually happens is that you’re moving into your past or psyche to clear out all the energies that no longer help you.

Once they’re all cleared, you can finally move forward stronger and with greater clarity. Now, let’s find out what each retrograde means, shall we?

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