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Biggest Relationship Mistakes All 12 Zodiac Signs Do

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5. Gemini: giving up too fast

Let’s keep talking about all these relationship mistakes that different zodiac signs make because there’s a chance that we could all take something good out of this.

For instance, Gemini people are notorious for giving up too fast when they feel like things aren’t working. They love having a romantic life that is all fun and games, but when things get too serious and maybe a bit complicated, they might have a hard time adjusting.

They don’t mind a bit of drama here and there, but when they notice any growing pains, they’re more likely to throw in the towel.

They’re not afraid of commitment, as long as it’s with the right person, but they tend to believe that a fight means the end of the relationship rather than a chance to compromise and grow as a couple.

Don’t run, my dear Gemini, because the most beautiful relationships might be the ones that require some extra work.

Do you think giving up too fast is a characteristic of any other of these zodiac signs we talked about?

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