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Biggest Relationship Mistakes All 12 Zodiac Signs Do

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3. Capricorn: expecting the worst

Another mistake that all zodiac signs make, particularly Capricorn, is to expect that everyone will hurt you in the end.

You love to be a part of a power couple, my dear Capricorns, and you don’t mind putting in the work to build a life with the person you love.

But things can quickly change when your pessimistic side starts showing up. Before you know it, you start thinking negatively about your life, about other people, and, in the end, about your partner.

Don’t be scared; it’s not because you’re a dark person in general. You’re actually very fun to be around, but you get pessimistic when you’re afraid that something terrible is going to happen eventually.

Forget about that, because it doesn’t do you any good! Don’t push your partner away; talk to them when you don’t feel good! You’re worthy of love, and you’ll get your happy ending; trust me!

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