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Biggest Relationship Mistakes All 12 Zodiac Signs Do

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6. Leo: you take it all on your partner

You can tell me I’m wrong (although I don’t think you will), but Leos are the most egocentric of all these zodiac signs. They burn as hot as the sun, and they’re all about it.

When things go well, you’re happy and thriving, but when life gets complicated, you might feel a bit out of place. Some Leos can find a balance between the problems in their lives and their partners, meaning that they’ll open up to their loved ones and tell them what’s going on.

Others might not think the same, and they might end up blasting all their fiery feelings at their partners. We know that it isn’t easy to keep everything inside, but your lover isn’t a sponge, and they’re not always going to take in everything.

If there’s a problem in your relationship, don’t forget to listen to your partner and admit that you both make mistakes, not just them. Regardless of which zodiac sign we’re talking about, blaming others without acknowledging that we’re not perfect isn’t the answer.

Are there any zodiac signs you simply can’t stand?

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