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Biggest Relationship Mistakes All 12 Zodiac Signs Do

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12. Aquarius: you (always) want to win

There are 12 zodiac signs in the world, and we’re about to talk about the last one: Aquarius. My dear friends, one thing you should know about relationships is that you don’t always have to win.

Yes, you’re beautiful and smart, but is there competition between you and your partner? You can’t control those around you just because you don’t want any change to happen.

You also have a tendency to overthink, and when you spend too much time inside your head, you might see your partner as an enemy, not an ally. So you’re compelled to demonstrate that you’re the one who’s right.

While that might offer you the validation that you crave, it will make your partner sad and defeated. Love isn’t a game, especially not a competition, so open your heart and share your concerns with your partner, because you’re a team.

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