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9 Clues Your Lover Is Lying to You

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3. People tell you the truth 

It might be devastating to find out from other people, whether it’s family members or friends that your lover isn’t who you thought they were.

If you decide to be brave and confront them, they might lie again and ask you to believe them, not those around you. Sometimes, it’s better to trust your significant other and focus on your relationship, but if you feel like there’s something going on, you shouldn’t neglect your thoughts.

To make things even more complicated, you might be tempted to ignore the worries of people who say they have seen your spouse acting strangely because you think that you know the person who comes home to you every night.

You shouldn’t base your conversation plan with your SO only on the things someone told you because you can never know if their intentions are pure. But if more than 1 person expresses worry or gives you proof that your partner is onto something weird, it’s time to speak to your spouse.

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