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9 Clues Your Lover Is Lying to You

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6. They keep a distance from you 

Experts say that liars often lean away from the person they’re talking to and they do that without even thinking.

One sign that you and your lover have a healthy relationship is an atmosphere of complete honesty, which means that you feel perfectly safe to tell them everything, regardless of how weird it might sound.

You should ask yourself what’s happening in your relationship if you notice that your spouse suddenly becomes more distant, as if they have something to hide from you.

It’s possible that they’ve been lying for so long that it’s become too risky to continue and they prefer to keep things simple and not say too much. If they answer your questions about their day with one-word answers, such as yes, no, fine, good, or well, you should ask them more.

Whether you’re trying to figure out if your significant other is trying to cover up something, their increasing coldness toward you might be a red flag, so pay attention to it.

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