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6 Things That Say More About You Than You Think

The most important tool for improving our ability to understand the world around us is represented, of course, by our five senses. We have been taught since we were little to judge everything through our senses. We examine everything carefully, touch as many things as possible, taste, smell, and, of course, listen.

As we grow up and turn into adults, we tend to rely less and less on our senses and our capacity to feel the world through them. But the main concern is whether we can continue to follow our instincts throughout life.

Are we generally skilled at judging someone’s personality? Can we identify a person’s personality traits such as self-assurance, shyness, responsibility, calmness, or attention-seeking just by looking at or listening to them?

According to the latest studies, the answer is yes. Actually, our ability to read people is quite good. We can fairly accurately judge a person’s personality even though we only have a brief chance to observe them.

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