What’s The Deal With Spirit Animals? 8 Facts Explained

Photo by everst from shutterstock.com

How Do You Find Your Spirit Animal?

Keep an eye out for the animal or animals that frequently appear in music, images, films, books, discussions, or any other activity that you do. If Cats, Beards, Horses, etc. keep showing up for you, consider that they are seeking to assist you in some manner.

In order to meet your spirit animal guide using meditation and journeying, you must enter an altered state of consciousness and use profound imagery, or visualization. Speaking, drumming, and singing are examples of guided meditation techniques. But there are also unguided techniques. Listening to instrumental music, nature sounds, or even silence can help you clear your mind and focus your energies.

Spirit animal guides frequently communicate with humans through dreams since they believe most people do not receive messages from them while they are awake. Many times, embracing your intuition can be a hard process. So when people are asleep or in a state of meditation, it is usually far easier for them to trust their dreams.


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