What Do the Lines on Your Hand Say About You?

Photo by Monika Wisniewska from Shutterstock

The four major lines of palm reading

The easiest way to understand how palm reading works is to learn about the four main lines on your hand.

These lines tend to shift along with all the major changes that come throughout your life. If you want to keep track of these changes every year, just take a photo of your palm.

There are numerous lines that traverse your palms, of which four are more important than others:

  • The heart line – This line is located at the top of the hand and indicates your emotional state.
  • The head line – This one is right below the heart line, at the center of your palm, and it indicates mentality;
  • The life line – This line is right under the heart line, and it goes around your thumb, showing vitality;
  • The line of stability – This line is also called the Fate Line. It comes across the center of the hand, starting at the bottom of your palm and running all the way to the middle finger, and it indicates how you feel about the life you’re about to create.


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