6 Ways to Connect With a Deceased Loved One

loved one
Photo by Jeanne McRight from shutterstock.com

#2 Sharing Memories of Your Loved One with Those Who Never Knew Them

Sharing memories of your loved one with people who were unable to get to know them can be a significant way to preserve their legacy and keep a connection with them. There will unavoidably be new people in your life as you progress in your career or existence—lovers or even kids—who have never had the opportunity to meet the person that you have lost.

Finding ways to introduce them to new people is one approach to preserving a connection with your loved one through these new relationships. To highlight their significant moments and unique personality, you can share stories and pictures of them. This not only allows you to reflect on the moments you shared with them but also helps other people understand and value who they were.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve; it’s essential to understand that everyone grieves differently. It all comes down to figuring out how to remain connected to your lost one and keep their legacy alive.


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