8 Ways to Become Spiritual Without Any Religion

Photo by Andrey_Popov from Shutterstock

5. Practice journaling

After my spouse died, I tried to cope with this immense loss in so many ways. And when nothing seemed to succeed, I tried to reflect more on myself. I started spending more time with myself, writing down all the things I was grateful for but also those that made me sad. Slowly, I started journaling, and I have to admit that it was probably the best idea ever! I found myself at my desk twice a day, writing about my worries. Because I am also an overthinker, this helped me immensely. I had no filter, and I wrote exactly what was on my mind.

Writing in my journal helped me become more aware of myself and my own thoughts; it also improved my communication skills, and now I am better at verbally expressing my feelings and emotions.


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