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6 Chilling Things Your Nightmares Say About YOU

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#4 Drowning

Dreams about drowning may indicate that you are experiencing stress in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you’re struggling to achieve a healthy relationship, or you’re swamped at work with never-ending duties and responsibilities.

An emotional event in your life, such as getting back together with an ex or beginning a new relationship, may be represented by a dream in which you are drowning in water. A drowning nightmare in which your head goes into the water may indicate that you are feeling out of control and overwhelmed.

When drowning is involved, various bodies of water can symbolize numerous things in dreams, depending on their size and context. The dream may represent you traveling into an uncharted area, symbolized by the ocean, or it may serve to reassure you that everything is as it should be.

Since pools are also open spaces, if they are busy in the dream, the person may be experiencing an overabundance of activity in their social sphere. If the ocean seems serene and quiet in the dream, it can be a mirror of how the dreamer feels, or wishes to feel, in reality.

In any event, if you dream that you are drowning, you might just want to put your duties on hold and offer yourself some space to unwind.

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