8 Ways to Become Spiritual Without Any Religion

Photo by SergioPhotone from Envato Elements

2. Connect with nature

If you’re living in a big city, you probably know the struggle of having too much noise around you. And sometimes this can be very overwhelming. When it feels like that, try to escape into nature. Not only will you find peace and quiet, and you will instantly charge your batteries, but you will also learn how to appreciate the environment more. In my case, this helped me connect more with God and the Earth and definitely opened my eyes to being more careful with my surroundings. At least two or three days a month I try to go near the closest beach or up high in the mountains. Honestly, words aren’t enough to describe the feelings I have when I connect with nature! It’s definitely amazing.

In case your hometown isn’t near nature but you have a nice backyard, take one hour each day to spend outside. Walk barefoot in the grass, lay down on it, and disconnect yourself from everything. Put some relaxing music on your earphones and close your eyes. The feeling is extraordinary!


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