The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Photo by fizkes from Shutterstock

1. Taurus

The symbol for this sign is the bull, and like the bull, Taurus people will easily bulldoze those with opposing ideas. As Berry points out, they are always concerned with personal resources, material possessions, and money, and would seem open to new ideas concerning their prized possessions.

However, as Taurus people tend to be stubborn, they hate change of any kind—a characteristic that can contribute to a close-minded attitude. Yet, their unwillingness to listen to other people’s ideas isn’t because they’re being egoistic or proud. Instead, their attitude often comes from meticulous consideration, as Taurus people tend to think a lot before taking a decision.

Once a Taurus decides the approach that works best, it will be quite hard to convince them there’s a better method.

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