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Oops! 9 Offensive Things You’re Saying Without Realizing

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#9 No offense

Your next remark will be offensive. Either own it or don’t say it at all, really. There are moments when it’s necessary to be excessively assertive. Simply not saying anything is advised at times. Don’t hesitate if you feel you must express a viewpoint that may not be favorably welcomed.

On the other hand, perhaps you shouldn’t be saying something if you feel the need to begin it with “No offense.” Don’t act rudely. Whatever the case, saying “no offense” makes you sound like you don’t care about what others might feel.

No offense expressed is not a sufficient justification for offensive remarks that are immediately followed by an apology.

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2 Responses

  1. what you are really saying is don’t speak truth as it might be too much for someone to handle. Unfortunately, saying someone is learning challenged is less offensive than the so called R-word? While we should be aware of peoples feelings, naming something something else or pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so. Stop it.

  2. Black Lives Matter is discriminatory and offensive to all others. It is exclusionary. The BLM organization is a bunch of scammers who used donations to buy expensive homes. The saying divides the races and implies that those of other races, many of which were discriminated against throughout the years, are of less value than black people. Martin Luther King’s entire message could be summed up by saying ALL people, regardless of color or ethnicity, should be evaluated on their character and NOT immutable characteristics. When we stop diving human beings by color and ethnicity, his dream will have been realized.
    In many countries, white people have been discriminated against and enslaved throughout history. So have people of every single color and ethnicity. Would you be as accepting of WHITE LIVES MATTER, or SPANISH LIVES MATTER? I doubt it. How about the Irish? Though they were not technically slaves, they were treated in the same manner and many of them came to the USA under ‘servitude’ contracts which were traded among ‘masters’. In many African countries, slavery of one type or other is still normal. And exactly who do you think ran most slave ships? African tribes captured and sold other black tribes to the mainly black slavers who sold other blacks to white masters. Look into the actual history. Read books written during that time…and then tell me those words are only proper when spoken about blacks.

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