5 Strange Things That Might Happen When a Loved One Dies

loved one
Photo by Sayan Puangkham from shutterstock.com


Death can seem unfair and cruel, and because of this, you might wonder: why is this happening to you? Anger is a very common feeling that appears in our life when a loved one passes.

This anger can have many causes. You might feel angry at yourself because you couldn’t do more for the person who is no longer with us. Maybe you regret not spending more time together or not reading their favorite book. In these moments, the little things are the ones that can become more important than you might expect. You may also be angry at the person who died if they have hurt you or for any other reason.

Navigating difficult moments like these is a real challenge, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t clearly see it. The first thing you can do after calming down for a little while is to explore these emotions and feelings. Try to find the true reason that brings up this anger.

After this, it all depends on the context. Maybe you should make amends in your own way or just bond with the people who were close to your loved one. It is your journey to discover what is right and works for you.


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