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4 Silly Superstitions Americans Still Believe

Children frequently hold their breath while passing cemeteries, while adults frequently choose “lucky” numbers when buying lottery tickets. There are no limits to the irrational actions and rituals associated with superstitious beliefs. There is superstition everywhere. Although such views are not age-specific, it is interesting to see how various generations stick to different rules.

For instance, younger individuals frequently concentrate on superstitions that promise good fortune. Two of the most common ideas maintained by superstitious, younger minds are “crossing one’s fingers for luck” and “beginners luck.” 

On the other side, elderly people are more inclined to concentrate on averting bad fortune. They are terrified of the number 13, black cats, and indoor open umbrellas. It’s even been said that baby boomers are careful not to step into sidewalk cracks.

Generation X adheres to its own set of peculiar rules. Gen Xers aren’t known for smashing mirrors or walking under ladders, but when they do, beware of the salt they might hurl over their left shoulder.

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