7 Signs a Deceased Loved One Wants to Talk to You

light bulb
Photo by BLACKDAY from shutterstock.com

5. You see brown lightbulbs

One thing that gave me chills when I found out about it is that spirits have the power to manipulate energy and even cross wires. That’s because electricity and spirits are actually special forms of energy, and their vibrations are strong and very charged.

When the spirit of someone you used to love a lot wants to let you know that they’re here with you, they’ll come up with a few things to make their presence felt. One way they do so is with the help of electricity.

If you notice your home’s lights flickering, lightbulbs blowing out, or even disturbing your radio, TV set, computers, or appliances, you might have a supernatural presence in your home, and it’s someone close to your heart.


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