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Good Night Messages for Partner | Special Good Night Wishes, Quotes 

30+ Romantic Good Night Messages: A good night text sent at the end of the day reminds that you remembered the person throughout and cared to wish them a good night before sleeping. Sometimes, you might not get enough time to talk to your partner.

However, a good night msg sent in the form of text help to improve communication and normalize expectations. A simple image of a good night for WhatsApp and Facebook is a very effective message. It keeps the relationship alive somewhere while retaining the overall charm.

How to say good night to your partner?

Sending a special goodnight text to your beloved partner at night time is a way to make one feel completely cuddled. You can create happy feelings by forwarding sweet dreams and a nice emoji. The same text message can also be sent on social media channels while tagging the person you like and admire.

A good night text message regularly sent to the same person every night at the same time makes one wait and remember you. It is a nice way to begin your relationship in case you have been shy. Forward good night text messages and check out the words available on this page. We have enough ideas so that you can give words to your hidden feelings.

Best Good Night Quotes and Wishes for Partner

Good night quote and wishes having sweet words are very elating. It lets the receiver feel that the night is approaching and he would receive some special words for sure. A good night text message is also a way to make someone wait for your call the next day. Some kind and romantic words sent as a good night text message improve the bond and comfort the person otherwise.

A good night’s message is also a great way to show affection and keep things effective. It reminds us that a simple good night has a great power to make things happen. You can add some romantic words while forwarding good night text to the special one.

Sleep well and I hope that I’ll be the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

Just had to let you know… loving you is the best thing that happened to me. SD, Love you !

The nights seem long without you; it feels tiring. The desire to see you keeps me alive, comforts me. Good night and sleep well, dear.

Good Night Honey Message
Good Night Honey Message

A perfect world is one where you are the last thing I see each night and the first thing I notice each morning. – Best Good Night Messages for Partner

You should know that the storm outside the window is the wind of changes for the better in our lives, this night is the last that we spend apart. I love you, good night, we’ll meet tomorrow.

Even a thousand times I won’t get tired of talking about my feelings for you, about my devotion and eternal allegiance. Good night, honey.

You look so innocent when you sleep. Every time I see you sleeping, I fall in love with you. Good night handsome. Wish you a tight sleep My good night partner

Good Night my better half message
Good Night my better half message

At night, I think about you and you don’t know how much I miss u. I love U. Good Night.

During the day, I keep myself busy and somehow time passes. But by night, I really miss you.
No matter how far away you are, you’ll always be on my mind. – special good night message for her

No matter how many times I try to fall asleep, the absence of your scent, warmth, and aura is evident because the room feels empty without you. So let this night go by fast, so I can see you again. Good night.

Romantic Good Night Message for his/her

Just wishing for sweet dreams is not enough nowadays. You have to be creative to maintain the charm of the relationship. Long Good night text messages keep the regular communication going on. The conversation starter in the form of a romantic good night text message creates dynamism in the relationship.

Maybe the person to whom you are sending the good night message does not want to sleep and that text would trigger the conversation at once.

Let me wish you a calm, infinitely gentle, and warm night. My thoughts tonight are all about you. Sweet dreams.

Missing you here in my arms. Sending you hugs, kisses, coddles, and squishes. Hold tight your pillow and sleep well, my love.

All I want right now is for you to come here and hold me in your arms as I fall asleep happy and content. Sweet dreams – Wishing Good Night Messages for him.

Good Night Message for him
Good Night Message for him

I don’t mind having even the scariest nightmares, as long as I am woken up by you. Good night.

When the night breeze blows my hair, I imagine they’re your kisses, I am missing you this much. Gd Nt!!

Separation from you this night brings sorrow, being in your hugs will dispel it tomorrow.

Your warm hugs always make my night wonderful. Make sure you sleep tight and get yourself ready for a busy day tomorrow. Good night.

Good Night Quotes for Him
Good Night Quotes for Him

Good night sleep tight until tomorrow when I will see you again, I miss your touch I miss your kiss, I miss every part of your body my sweetie pie. Good night.

I don’t want to turn this night into the day because I’ll be in your arms as long as possible. Good Night my partner!

As I wish you good night, I want you to know that you are the last thing on my mind before I drift off to my wonderland.

Heartfelt Good Night text Messages and Quotes

Sending a good night text message is always a very sweet gesture. It should be done at night time and there are always chances of creating happy feelings in the receiver. Good night text messages for his/her can be very sweet, affectionate, or romantic depending on the person you are sending them to.

Whether you have a good time or bad, I will always be there to kiss and cuddle you when its night. Good night my love.

Separation from you this night brings sorrow, being in your hugs will dispel it tomorrow – romantic good night message for her.

Laying in the bed never felt so cold before, and the thing is, your firm, loving arms are not here to keep me warm. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. i love you good night message.

I miss you good night wishes for partner
I miss you good night wishes for partner

Every night is a battle in my mind between dreaming I’m with you and nightmares where I lose you. I miss you.

Today has been a non-stop, hectic, crazy day, and I wish I had gotten time to see you… so I’m thinking about you before I fall asleep. Goodnight, sleep tight!

I wish someday I’ll give you a kiss on the forehead and say goodnight to you. And then you’ll take me in your arms and then I’ll close my eyes. Good night my love!

Wishing you “Good Night” is also a message for you to come to know that how much I love you. GN!!

Romantic good night message for her
Romantic good night message for her

It is not just that you are a great man, but you look so innocent when you sleep. Have a tight sleep so that I can see that cute face tomorrow.

I tried counting the reasons I love you – but there were too many and now I’m falling asleep thinking of you. – I miss you good night wishes for partner.

One message and a few words are not enough to tell you just how much I love and miss you right now. I’m so glad we’re meeting soon! Sleep tight, munchkin!

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Make sure that you always hit the feelings of the receiver so that the value of the message increases manifold. A good night wishes is a very nice way to express what your heart feels for the person in deep.

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