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The element of Humour is something very important when you plan out to send funny secret Santa messages on the happy occasion of Christmas. Everybody loves to laugh at receiving the surprise secret Santa messages that can be easily forwarded to one another. If you are looking forward for the widest collection of Secret Santa messages for your colleagues or office friends, here we are to cheer up the day in the best way possible.

Secret Santa Greetings
Secret Santa Greetings

Surprise Secret Santa Messages

Nowadays, people often opt for the secret Santa gift exchange so that many people can feel joyful and happy on the occasion of Christmas. Everybody is fond of doing something different on the occasion of Christmas. Nowadays, people cannot easily visit one another and that is the reason why Secret Santa Greetings comes to the rescue.

With a great message or poem, you can surprise your office coworker with a Santa gift. Here are a few examples of Secret Santa greeting messages which can share through gifting or enjoying party for the new year or Christmas.

Secret Santa in Office
Secret Santa in Office

Your gift is Lit, your boss ain’t. Don’t blurt out my name, and spoil the game!

Warm wishes from Secret Office Coworker

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m your Secret Santa,
and this gift is for you.

It’s raining, but your face will always be shining. I have brought you a gift, it’s lying on your table. I hope you like it. Happy Christmas.

Well, it was me all along. I’m the one that’s been your “secret pal”. Don’t ask what it took to keep the secret, I cannot tell you how. Merry Christmas!

From your work partner also now known as “Secret Santa”

Santa has visited early this year
To bring some Christmas cheer
Go check under the tree
I guarantee you will smile with glee.

Secret Santa Greetings

Funny messages from secret Santa can be opened by simply clicking the received message that would immediately display the written words. People who want to communicate messages without allowing their name to come have got a good medium now. Funny message from secret Santa can be chosen as a medium where you can send a message to anybody you want without allowing them to know the real source.

Secret Pal message for coworker
Secret Pal message for coworker

Even if you want to propose to someone and tell them that you love them, a Surprise Secret Santa message sending trend is a great option. If the same person loves you, they will be able to identify the sender of the message very easily.

I decided that I wouldn’t sign your Christmas card. I thought it would be more fun to keep you wondering who could be your secret pal from afar! Happy Holidays!

While you unwrap this box to reveal the gift, you can never find who your Secret Santa is. But my wishes for you are no mystery as I openly pray for your success, joy, and prosperity. May you have the best Christmas this year!

Greetings from office Colleague called as “Secret Santa”.

May you have the merriest Christmas ever and a lot of gifts, too. This holiday wish is coming from your Secret Santa that’s known as “You-Don’t-Know-Who”!

Sending my best wishes from corporate collegue formally known as your team partner.

Nope. Can’t tell. Won’t tell. It is a secret. Just open your gift and enjoy.

Well, it was me all along. I’m the one that’s been your “secret pal”. Don’t ask what it took to keep the secret, I cannot tell you how. Merry Christmas!

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Secret Santa Quotes for office Colleagues

Best friends are not less than Angels and you need to thank them at least secretly. The Secret Santa gift exchange and sending funny messages is a great way to tell people that you love them and have gratitude in your heart. Best Secret Santa sayings are meant for coworkers and help in creating a great Bond in relationships.

Secret Santa Wishes
Secret Santa Wishes

It is very important to have a supportive friend in life. A simple secret message sent on the occasion of Christmas is truly an amazing price when someone appreciates the dedication that you have given in the relationship.

Let the occasion be celebrated as a festival of Thanksgiving this year. Look forward to some funny messages on secret Santa that are not only heartfelt but talk about those things you could never say.

Here is your Christmas gift and wishes for a blessed Christmas for you. May the heavens shower you with joy for everything you do. Merry Christmas from your secret Santa.

I said that I wouldn’t tell and I did a great job keeping it hush, hush. Now, it’s time to let the secret out It’s me! Merry Christmas from the Person Formerly Known As Secret Santa.

May you have the merriest Christmas ever and a lots of gifts, too. This holiday wish is coming from your Secret Santa that’s known as “You-Don’t-Know-Who”!

It does not have any house, nor it has any boats. It has just a small Secret Santa note.

I send my good wishes and luck with your work and home.

Christmas has come and it’s definitely a time to have some fun. I have a gift for you but I will keep and run, since Secret Santa week has begun.

Conclusion: –

Just remind your office friends and colleagues that they are special to you even if we cannot meet you this year because of the pandemic. Tell them that you are lucky and drop a surprise Secret Santa message not just once but many times.

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