The Incompatibility Between These 10 Zodiac Signs Is Huge

Photo by Just Life from Shutterstock

5. Leo and Pisces

The Pisces native is characterized by sensitivity, loyalty, and empathy. They prioritize the well-being of others above their own and seek as much harmony as possible in their surroundings.

Pisces are a very romantic zodiac sign and they tend to love in a very unique way. If you are interested in finding out which zodiac signs are the most romantic, you can read 6 Most Romantic Zodiac Signs

On the other hand, the Leo native is often focused on themselves and prefers to prioritize their own desires, forgetting that those around them also need their attention.

Yes, these two zodiac signs can be in a relationship, but often the priorities of the native Leo exceed the patience of Pisces. As Leos love to receive attention, they may not understand the Pisces native’s need for a little validation.

Their rate of incompatibility is 61%.


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