6 Famous Song Lyrics, Explained

Image By Imma Gambardella From Shutterstock

#2 “Take a sad song, and make it better…”

Since we mentioned it in the introduction, we cannot have this discussion without one of the many Beatles songs that took the world by storm. Hey Jules was supposed to be the original title of Hey Jude, as it was written by Paul McCartney for John Lennon’s son, Julian.

The song is his attempt at comforting the teen in the aftermath of his parents’ divorce, yet the lyrics have managed to bring so much comfort to millions who have been in the same situation ever since the song was released. The song offers encouragement, as opposed to being sad, as well as advice and strengthens our belief in love.

While the lyrics we chose are not the ones that made this the longest song to ever chart (as the four minutes of ‘na na na’s take the song to an impressive seven minutes), they are still important and we could have listed the whole song.

What makes the song even more impressive is that it is the band’s biggest hit in the American market too!


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