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5 Signs You’re Living With a Ghost (Can You Fix This?)

Make sure you know the definite signs you have a ghost!

It may seem weird to look for these definite signs you have a ghost, but at the same time, you should not discount the idea. Generally speaking, a lot of us are more attuned to the spirit world than we would like to admit out loud, and if you have had the thought that you have a ghost living with you, chances are that you are not wrong!

There are some clear signs that you have a ghost in your house that are pretty easy to recognize, and if you have more than one, it should already make you question what is going on.

You should think about what you can do about this situation and if your new roommate wants anything to do with you beyond giving you some signs that they are present.

At the same time, you should not let your mind play tricks on you; some clear signs you have a ghost are not that easily seen, and they may even surprise you!

If you are ready to see whether or not you have a surprise and otherworldly roommate, make sure you keep on reading the definite signs you have a ghost in your home!

Have you ever had any run-ins with the supernatural? Do you believe in ghosts? Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below!

signs you have a ghost
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You hear someone whispering and calling you around your home!

There is a chance that you are not being haunted by a ghost that wants something spooky or that means you any harm. There are aspects of living in the same house with a ghost that is known in the supernatural world as residual hauntings.

This phenomenon happens when a spirit relieves and replays the same event from when they were alive again and again. In such instances, it is not that you are actually being visited by one or multiple ghosts, but rather that the echoes of these events are present in the home without anything that could be causing such things.

You may hear the same types of whispers around your home; you may hear people in rooms where there is no one; and your staircase may creak like someone is walking on it, but nothing is actually there— not even a true ghost!

If you believe that your home is residually haunted, it would be a good idea to look into the history of your home. Whether you use the internet or go check out some of the old newspapers in your library’s archive for old news, you may be able to find out what happened.

After all, not even a residual haunting is caused by nothing, so the event that you keep hearing could be linked to something tragic.

You feel like something or someone is watching you!

One of the signs that you have a ghost in your home is associated with the creepy feeling that someone is constantly watching you. The most common of these unsettling occurrences that a lot of people who have dealt with spirits mention is the fact that they have this sensation when they are sleeping, in particular.

While this scenario would be scary no matter if it is a ghost or not, the definite sign that you have a ghost is if it happens when you are alone at home.

Whether you feel like someone is in the house with you or that you are actually being watched by someone, both of these instances point to the fact that you have an extra roommate who is not paying rent!

Despite this sign pointing to the possibility of having a ghost, you should also not let your anxious mind play tricks on you, as it could be possible.

This is especially important if you live with other people as well. Ask them if they have experienced this weird feeling before being convinced you have a ghost.

Sometimes we can confuse this with a general anxiety related to being alone in the home, so do not jump at the first signs of being uncomfortable in a place to say you are being haunted.

signs you have a ghost
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The electronics are acting weird!

You have probably anticipated this one to be among the clear signs that you have a ghost in your home. After all, electronics acting up is one of the oldest ghost associations that people make.

Be it that your lights are flashing at weird times or that you have some electricity-running items acting up when you go by, it would be best to not discredit these displays as just nothing.

It could very well be a ghost that is trying to come into contact with you to let their presence be known.

Other types of electric-related ghost signs are the likes of a lot of your gadgets running out of power despite just being charged and batteries seemingly draining overnight even if you have just changed them in the likes of remotes.

These types of moments can be caused by the electromagnetic field that accompanies most ghosts. If you believe you have these types of moments in your home, it would be good to invest in an EMF meter. It could either help you lift your worries or confirm your suspicions!

You keep on finding objects you lost around the home!

This one can also be caused by ourselves sometimes, especially if you find yourself on the forgetful side of the spectrum like myself.

It is always easy to just explain the disappearance of items and their apparition in other places as simple forgetfulness: you just misplaced it and then happened to run into it again.

However, this can also be one of the definite signs that you have a ghost in your home, as they are known to pull these types of hijinks from time to time!

A lot of the specters that may find themselves in your home could be pranksters, with a lot of these entities being known to just be playful as opposed to malevolent in nature.

Your items, in particular those that you need quite often, being moved around could be proof that you are visited by some of them.

A good way to tell if you are actually dealing with a spirit or that you are indeed forgetful is to pay close attention to all the items that suddenly disappear and appear somewhere else. That way, you can confirm or infirm your suspicions.

signs you have a ghost
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You keep on seeing shadows in your periphery!

Another one of the clear signs you have a ghost in your home includes actually seeing them!

You may easily write off those dark shadows from your periphery as simple shadows, but these figures could also be hiding more than you think.

A lot of people who are attuned to the supernatural report that they have seen glimpses of these shadows that move fast, but they are always there.

Some may say that they have managed to see more than a fleeting shadow, but an actual one that they could see for more than a split second.

Be it that you keep seeing these fleeting shadows or that you have seen a full-on shadowy person if you have had this happen to you more often than not around your home, then you can truly say you have a ghost in your home!

There are always unexplainable things happening around us, and ghosts can be something you may have to worry about! However, certain spirits may have an emotional connection with you and are actively trying to communicate instead of spook you. If you have recently lost someone and are experiencing these signs, then your loved ones are trying to communicate with you!

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  1. In my 20’s I lived with my mom. One early morning I heard someone walking up the hallway then entering the bathroom. Toilet seat slammed down! they walked out and entered my bedroom. Before I could figure out who it was they were climbing in bed with me! I reached for the light cord and when it came on whoever it was jumped out of bed and no one was there!!! I felt the presence jump off the bed when the light came on. I left my mother’s house at first light and didn’t return. Spirit world is REAL people….

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