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Best US City to Retire to Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Photo by Luis Boucault from Shutterstock

7. Libra – Chicago, Illinois

As the name of this zodiac sign suggests, Libras like to have balance in their lives. To be more specific, they like to balance their lives according to their emotional state. Maybe one day they want to go out with their friends and crave socialization, but on other occasions, they want to spend the night at home in their cozy bed drinking tea.

Chicago is the perfect place for Libra because this city can easily make the natives of this sign feel comfortable. They will never feel like they are missing out, even on those days that they want to stay home on their own.

Fantastic food, sports, and plenty of cultural events, the Windy City has them all. The midwestern charm of Chicago can surely impress any Libra.

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