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Best US City to Retire to Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Photo by Rudy Balasko from Shutterstock

2. Taurus – Madison, Wisconsin

In contrast to Aries, those born under the sign of the bull are more mellow and would do everything to escape the big city. They don’t like crowded places or the sound of busy streets. They are more of the nature-loving type. Hopefully, Madison has a lot of parks and natural attractions nearby.

Also, the Taurus is a foodie, so the food and drink scene is a priority when choosing a new city. Madison is the perfect city for the bull. It flawlessly encapsulates comfort and indulgence.

So, if you are a Taurus and you want to move to a place that lets you indulge in the finer things and is also affordable, Madison, Wisconsin, can be your perfect choice.

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