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8 Signs Someone Is Lying to Your Face

Everybody occasionally tells lies. Even though no one wants to admit it, most folks haven’t always been absolutely truthful. It can be difficult to avoid lying at times, whether there are small lies to spare people’s feelings, awkward situations, or outright destructive misinformation. Since almost everyone lies, omits details from conversations, or fabricates facts occasionally, you might be curious about how to recognize lying, as well as whether there are any telltale signals or body language cues that can alert you to it.

A useful skill to have is the ability to recognize if someone might not be giving you the complete story or the truth. You can avoid ambiguity and be taken advantage of. You can be able to tell whether someone is lying to you if you pay attention to what they’re saying, their nonverbal cues, their eye movements, and the vibe they’re sending.

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