6 (Toxic) Traits of a Pathological Liar

Photo by Maria Surtu from shutterstock.com

5. They seem anxious while talking

I know you might say that this is a bit contradictory compared to the things we’ve already discussed until this moment, but everyone’s different, and pathological liars are part of the same category.

While someone who’s a pro at lying might be extremely confident and self-assured, others might come off as anxious because they’re trying very hard to make people believe them, and they’re almost impatient to see what the end result will be like.

Of course, there are a ton of people who are scared of public speaking, and they seem anxious, but it’s not exactly the same with a pathological liar.

They might seem fidgety, but they’ll still say all sorts of things that seem hard to believe, as we discussed in number 2.


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