10 Things BAD Mothers-in-Law Have in Common

Photo by Beachbumledford from Envato

#6 Taking Care of Their Grandkids Their Own Way

Once more, why is it that having grandkids accentuates the grandparents’ ego and strong opinions? They instantly saw themselves as the honorary parents of the children, equal in status to their son and daughter-in-law when it comes to raising their grandchildren, the moment they received the titles of grandpa and grandma.

In addition, mothers-in-law frequently parent the kids without consulting the parents. Doing this, they don’t respect the parents and the way they raise their children.

If the mother-in-law observes her daughter-in-law enforcing, for example, a no-spanking rule and choosing to talk things out with their child instead, she may fail to notice this and choose to slap the child instead, completely reversing the parenting strategy the daughter-in-law is undeniably attempting to implement.


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