These Are the 9 Angriest Zodiac Signs (Astrologers Say)

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6. Leo 

Leos are very fun to be around. They’re smart, loyal, hard-working, and motivated to make their lives better, and they also do everything they can to help their loved ones do the things they want.

However, as nice and friendly as they typically are, they can get very mean if they feel insulted. If you hurt a Leo, don’t expect them to take it well.

They won’t be quiet when they tell you how upset they are, and they might say mean things without thinking too much about them.

People might be scared away by their fury, but it typically lasts for only a short while. Almost immediately after being upset, they cool down, although at that time they might act quite rudely and might make you feel bad and even start to cry.

Remember that their words can be as sharp as daggers if they’re extremely mad, but they don’t mean it and are actually very sweet on the inside.



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