Superstitions: 11 Things You Should NEVER Buy on Saturdays

Photo by seahorsetwo from Shutterstock

8. Ink

Another item that you should really step back from is ink. They say buying ink on a Saturday brings you more than just bad luck! If you’re preparing for an important exam or you are going through some changes regarding your job, it is important to stay away from using ink on Saturdays. This doesn’t apply to books or any other informational source (e.g., a newspaper). Astrologers advise Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius to avoid buying ink on Saturdays at any cost! These three zodiacal signs are prone to bad luck on this day, and buying or even using ink will definitely enhance the chances.

It is also stated that using ink, particularly blue ink, displeases Lord Shani and increases your chances of failing tests. Furthermore, avoid using blue ink to write out any critical paperwork or agreements.

If we managed to “scare” you enough with these 8 superstitions, we’re going to stay on the same page, and we will talk about all the foods that are forbidden to eat on Saturdays. Keep reading by clicking on the next page!


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