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5 Least Romantic Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

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Love, in general, is an extremely widespread subject these days. You can see it everywhere, from movies to books and TV shows; romance is a main character in almost any instance. And we get it, the feeling of love is an intense and beautiful part of our lives that many of us cherish. Everybody wants to feel loved, whether they admit it or not.

One of the most straightforward ways our partners can show us that we are important and loved is through romantic gestures. Be it long walks along the city at night or love poems, these actions indicate to us that we are cared for and not alone.

But in this big world, not every individual is a romantic. There are certain people out there who don’t understand what romance is. They show their love in other ways, and you should not expect them to take you on excursions or bring you flowers.

Stay with us and get ready to find out what the least romantic signs of the zodiac are. Is your partner among them?

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  1. I could not help but read this. I just finished a relationship with an Aquarius! Yes, he did show he cared in small ways. But very small. I allowed him to express himself any way he wanted which was emotionally hurtful, or scary. I had to think like him or I was stupid, if I disagreed he would asking go off on a thunderous rant, hit walls. HE IS 72!!!! Then he expressed himself in physical ways, which the first time I let it go. The last time!!!!! I was thrown thru a door and hit the ground with a tremendous thud. Bleeding and bruised! It is in the hands of the court now. I am not saying all Aquariuses are like this, but from what you wrote, he took being an Aquarius to a higher level!!!

  2. That was , “truly,” eye-opening! I was quite surprised by those findings, I would not have guessed those too be the case! I was married to a, Virgo, and his ideas about romance, I could write on the end of my little finger! And, my father was a, Scorpio and my mother always said that his ideas of romance were in the bedroom but daddy never forgot occasions, to prime the pump! Lol!

  3. This is really easy stuff to understand for anyone not stuck in narrow beliefs. We are part of the universe so why would we not be read by star and Moon signs. Keep up the good work, love it.

  4. Every woman I’ve ever been serious about was a Scorpio. My current Scorpio (Nov 10th) says Scorpio is a sexy sign. My late wife was also a Scorpio (Nov 2nd) and she was pretty cool beans. Very remote and didn’t like to share her feelings with others. She bore two great kids who both agree that Mom was pretty remote. I’m a Taurus (May 2nd) and both our kids are Leo’s. I notice that we didn’t make the dispassionate list. I am a bull and the kids are both real lions.

  5. I am a Libra. I dated a Capricorn. She had had three husbands – two divorces that she filed and a third died. It was the worse experience I had ever had with a human being and I even told her so. She just laughed. She lied about EVERYTHING; was on psychiatric medications (I later discovered this after we had known each other); smoked like a chimney; drank like a fish; cussed worse than a sailor; and actually physically assaulted me when I wouldn’t do something she wanted me to do. However, the sex was great – her only redeeming quality! Probably the best single best sexual experience I had had within the bedroom only. After that, the nightmare came out of her!

  6. Anyone who knows Astrology, knows you can’t just go by the sun sign. It is way more involved than that. Placement of it within the chart, planets affecting it, rising sign, etc….. Each house represents an aspect of life, from career, health, love, etc……

  7. I’m a Virgo and my husband is Aquarius. We probably shouldn’t be together but here it is, 50+ years later and we are still romantically together. I Guess those astrologists aren’t always right.

  8. Funny enough I am a Virgo and my last relationship was with an Aries and unlike what your article said about both signs when I was with him I felt very comfortable, secure, and safe, even very peaceful inside to where I would even thank God a lot ( to myself of course) for bringing us together
    And, again, unlike what your article says I would give him things when I felt the urge and also felt quite close to and romantic with him. The biggest blow to me was when he died because he was the third one that died on me.
    The other two died in 2008 one of whom was the Virgo boyfriend that I had been with for 20 years when he died

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