7 Signs a Deceased Loved One Wants to Talk to You

Photo by Antonio Guillem from shutterstock.com

6. You hear love songs

When you think about a person who has passed away or when you’re having a hard time and think about how nice it would’ve been to have that beloved person next to you, and you hear a song that reminds you of them, that’s their way of reaching out to you.

Spirits don’t have the power to communicate with people the way we would like them to, but they do the best they can to be as close to you as possible.

One way they let you know that they’re here to help you is through music. They will offer you guidance and will also communicate with you throughout the lyrics of a song the minute you’re thinking about them.


  1. I believe Jesus died for everyone’s sins. Those are sins from our past, sins now, and sins in the future. But, we need to daily repent of those sins, and each time. Then strive to do better and help others, the lost, and fellow Christians, to understand and do God’s will. What is God’s will? Some people, Religions, organizations, think they have the answer. Some people expect God to fix everything in their lives and then they will believe. God is not a magician. It takes effort. Why would God reveal himself to sarcastic, unfaithful, evil people, that cuss his name, and ignore humanity? Fortunately, God is smarter than man. It’s called Faith. Not fear. God(good), Devil(evil). Trials and tribulations. All written in the Bible. People that ignore this are lost. They think they will get to Heaven if their good deeds outweigh their bad. Unfortunately, no. It’s called Faith. We can never do enough to earn Heaven. If we repent, are then Baptized, confess our sins, and try, even when we fail, to continue our faith, then God will give us understanding. We all have to do that. The other choice is to be evil, ignore, be selfish, and ignorant, leading a secular life that may benefit a few, and ourselves, but have no purpose other than money in the bank. That never leads to happiness. I have tested this. It works. But each individual has to do it. Believing in something you cannot see. It’s Faith. Without works, Faith without works is dead. I hope to see everyone in Heaven.

  2. While these are lovely thoughts, my husband is waiting in slumber for Jesus to come back. I will know him then as we all join in joyful adoration in the glory of God.

  3. After my father passed away nothing unusaul happened right away ut a few weeks later. It all made sense. He was a boxer and of course at the funeral I told stories about watching him train and fight professionally. I also taught some boxing classes in my day. A few weeks earlier I was looking at some boxing training video thinking I should refresh my skills for teaching. One day I went to the gym which happened to have a heavy bag in a secluded room with no overhead music to distract me. I was slipping on my boxing gloves hit the bag that my dad taught me when I was 5 years old and we have newspaper clipping to prove it! A voice came to me “you already know enough.” It was the way he would say it and something he would say while watching me train. I still remind myself when I keep thinking that I have a long way to go to get something done that “I already know enough” and to just relax.


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