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Millennials vs. Baby Boomers: Which Ones Are Happier and More Successful?

millennials vs. baby boomers
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4. Housing

Housing is another topic that millennials and baby boomers have different opinions on, but it’s time to discuss it now.

One thing I discovered doing my research was that several people from both generations prefer to rent homes rather than buy them. For instance, roughly 36% of baby boomers rent their houses, compared to 32% of millennials.

Since these generations have completely different lifestyles, it’s no wonder that they like to live in different places.

For example, baby boomers don’t mind living in quiet small towns, and they typically choose single-family homes, while millennials prefer to live in metropolitan regions and apartments and don’t have a problem with having a roommate.

We can say that these housing choices are what make them happy because everyone is looking for different things, such as peace and quiet, great nightlife, and marvelous careers.

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