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11 Best Places for Seniors to Live Based on YOUR Zodiac Sign

best places for seniors to live
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10. Gemini: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac! They enjoy having fun surrounded by a lot of people and talking, but when a situation requires them to be serious, Gemini is going to comply.

If you’re looking for a nice, yet quite affordable, place to spend your golden years, Buenos Aires should be at the top of your list. According to astrologists, the reputation of Buenos Aires’ party-loving locals has spread around the world.

The lively atmosphere of this city will make any Gemini fall in love with it!

11. Taurus: Kefalonia, Greece

Greece is always a good idea, so if you’re a Taurus, you must consider yourself lucky since the destination we’ve picked for you is Kefalonia. Dreamy landscapes, turquoise water, and white sand beaches are the three things that define this beautiful country. But let’s not forget about the food! If you haven’t been to Greece before, once you get there, you will wish to stay forever.

These earthy infants would benefit from Kefalonia’s world-famous beaches in addition to maintaining a delectable diet rich in cheese, wine, and robust Greek cuisine.

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